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ALEX is a unisex shirt & hoodie pattern for kids. You can choose  between different pockets and necklines and sew a version that fits your  kid perfectly. 

FABRICS Choose a knitted fabric that is elastic such like college/french terry  or jersey knit. We also used ribb and ribbed knit for cuffing. 

INSTRUCTION MANUAL You are guided step-by-step with the help of texts and pictures with the  included instruction manual. Also included is cutting-, size- &  measurement guide but also fabric requirements. 

SIZE Kids 86-164 (EU) 1 YR - 14+ YRS (US) 

LEVEL Beginner 

SHARE INSPIRATION We would love to see what you have created with your ALEX pattern! #alexcutsew #alexhoodie #mairao  #elvelyckandesign #cutsewpatterns