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CLEO is a culotte pattern for woven and knitted fabrics. This pattern  includes a lot of variations, you can choose between 4 different  lenghts, 2 pocket versions and 2 waistband versions, as well as an  optional slim version. The instructions are written as simple as possible, so regardless if  this is your first trouser or fifth, we hope you will have both fun and  success in sewing CLEO. 

INSTRUCTION MANUAL You are guided step-by-step with the help of texts and pictures with the  included instruction manual. Also included is cutting-, size- &  measurement guide but also fabric requirements. 

SIZE Ladies 32 (EU)/2 (US) - 50 (EU) 20 (US) 

LEVEL Confident

SHARE INSPIRATION We would love to see what you have created with your CLEO pattern! #cleocutsew #mairao  #elvelyckandesign #cutsewpatterns